4 Hole Pan
4 Hole Pan
4 Hole Pan
4 Hole Pan
4 Hole Pan

4 Hole Pan

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Cook Eggs And Pancakes Perfectly!

The 4 Hole Pan is the ideal pan to cook perfectly shaped eggs and pancakes. It is made from premium material that evenly cooks your food. The unique 4-hole design enables you to cook four batches of food separately at the same time. The non-stick coating ensures that cleaning will be a breeze and will not be tedious. It is perfectly compatible with different types of stoves such as induction cooker, gas stove, or electric stove.


  • Premium material: The pan is made of high-quality food-grade material that is safe for cooking, durable, and evenly spreads heat to the entire pan.
  • Unique design: The pan features a unique 4-hole design that allows you to cook four different dishes at the same time, without sticking together and flavor contamination. You will be able to cook perfectly shaped eggs and pancakes every time.
  • Easy to clean: The pan has a non-stick coating that allows the food to glide smoothly and ideal for easy cleaning.
  • Wide Compatibility: The pan can be used on different types of stoves like induction cooker, gas stove, and electric stoves


    • Total length: 39.5 cm
    • Hole size: 8 cm in diameter
    • Depth: 2 cm
    • Material: aluminum, wood

    1 x 4 Hole Pan