Anti-Fog Helmet Film
Anti-Fog Helmet Film
Anti-Fog Helmet Film
Anti-Fog Helmet Film
Anti-Fog Helmet Film

Anti-Fog Helmet Film

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With this Anti-fog Helmet Film, you are no longer afraid to see clearly!

Fog on your helmet visor is frustrating and is very dangerous especially during rainy days. Well, this magical item might give you a clear sight during your ride! The Anti-fog Helmet Film works just like a sticker attached to the inner side of your helmet visor and works as an insulator to prevents fogs.

This motorcycle helmet film is made of high-quality plastic and is durable. It is a universal board and is suitable for most motorcycle standard sun visors. Suitable for full helmets, half helmets, and open helmets.


  • High-quality material, better optical clarity with lower distortion, more abrasion-resistant.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Effectively brighten and clear up your sight and a better view during a rainy or foggy day.
  • Suitable for most motorcycle standard visor/shield.


  • Material: Special PET
  • Color: Clear
  • Film features: Anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint, HD, anti-scratch
  • Helmet Film Size: 27*9 cm (10.63 x 3.54 inch)
  • Lasting anti-fog for more than 5 years

1 pc x Anti-fog Helmet Film
1 pc x Positioning sticker
1 pack x Install tool
1 pc x Cleaning cloth