Bike Shock Absorber
Bike Shock Absorber
Bike Shock Absorber
Bike Shock Absorber
Bike Shock Absorber
Bike Shock Absorber

Bike Shock Absorber

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We all know that – Bike ain’t comfy all the time!

Regardless of whether you are a Road Racing Gizmo, a Mountain Biking Beast, or just a Savvy Commuter, you know the aches and pains of being on your bike very well.

The Bike Shock Absorber will erase all annoying bumps and vibrations that affect cyclists. It helps riders stay healthy whenever they go cycling.


  • CRUSH ANY TERRAIN The road bumps and the potholes aren't going to disappear, but we can definitely knock out the feel of them. Forget about saddle soreness, pain and general discomfort - our innovative technology absorbs shocks in three dimensions to keep your joints healthy and make your ride comfortable on all surfaces.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO INJURIES A study of professional cyclists found that 94% experienced some sort of overuse injury over the period of a year, 45% of those injuries were to the lower back, and 23% reported knee pain. The CreativeSpring™ damps vertical impacts and vibrations and adjusts to pelvis bending during cycling. That way your back literally sticks to the seat and doesn't shift when riding. This allows you to apply less effort when riding and avoid injuries.
  • RIDE ON YOUR TERMS Your backside isn't the same as everyone else's, so our ideal comfort might not be yours. This spring was developed and tested more than 10 prototypes by experts. It is fully adjustable so you can switch between Sport and City riding positions in minutes.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL The Bike Shock Absorber robust design will support up to 330lbs (150kg). It fit your weight and type of rode in just one minute, which makes your bike ride smooth and enjoyable.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION The Bike Shock Absorber can be easily fitted to all bicycles that use traditional rail saddles, without any additional components. It can be installed on ANY seat post, of ANY shape and ANY diameter.


  • Use: For city and all-terrain cycling
  • Bearing capacity: 20-150kg / 44-330lb
  • Weight: 350g / 12.3oz
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black


  • 1 * Bike Shock Absorber
  • 1 * Clip
  • 1 * Rubber Cover