Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder
Heating Cooling Cup Holder

Heating Cooling Cup Holder

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Enjoy your cold beverage or beer in summer whether traveling, working, or outdoors. Have a cup of hot coffee anytime and anywhere in winter.

Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry, suitable for car, home, office, and family party use. Suitable for heating various materials like aluminum, iron, plastic, glass, etc. Among the conductive media, aluminum is more conductive, followed by steel, iron, glass, and plastic.


  • Cooling & Heating Cup: 2 in 1 functions allow the product to cool or warm your drink or beverage. With cooling down to 0℃ and heating up to 60℃, your beverage will cool down or warm up in minutes. No need to worry about your tea or coffee become cold during working or gaming. Perfect desktop tea and coffee partner in office or at home.
  • Silent and Energy Saving: Built-in silent machine, it is no noise, it won't bother you when you use it at home. It has a sunken design to prevent cold air spilling and energy saving.
  • Easy to Use: Heating Cooling Cup Holder is easy to operate. One-touch control can switch between different modes, very convenient to use. With this small, you can always enjoy hot tea/coffee/milk in your office, while enjoying the cold cans and chilled beer wherever you want. Keep whatever you're drinking at the perfect temperature all day.
  • Widely Application: Enjoy your cold beverage in summer, heated in winter whether traveling, working, or outdoors. Heating Cooling Cup Holder is suitable for a car, party, office, home, restaurant, bars, friends home, beach, seaside, tourism, and other places. Electric Cup Cooler is suitable for most beverage bottles or cans, Beer, Coffee, ice cream, yogurt, juice, and so on.


  • Material: ABS+food grade aluminum
  • Size: 13.4cmX20cm
  • Power supply voltage: DC-12V
  • Rated power: 36W
  • Cup capacity: 250mL
  • Weight (approx.): 500g
  • Control mode: button control
  • Product Cooling Temperature: 0℃
  • Product Heating Temperature: 60℃
  • Cooling and heating method: (TEC) semiconductor cooling and heating


  • 1 * Cooling and Heating Cup
  • 1 * Car power cord
  • 1 * Household power cord

1. Caution when handling as it contains hot or cold beverages.
2. Do not touch the inside of the cup when on heat.
3. Do not use heat with bottles or cans with carbonated beverages.