Magic Pen Inductive Toy Car
Magic Pen Inductive Toy Car

Magic Pen Inductive Toy Car

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Designed to engage playful preschoolers and young children, and constructed with care to withstand their harshest treatment, this playset is made of durable, child-safe materials and is safety-tested to our most hard values. The variety and wealth of opportunities are sure to inspire countless imaginative adventures.

Has an optical sensor that reads the black line drawn on a white piece of paper. Automatic inductive, it would run in circles until it finds the line. It can promote children’s thinking and imagination of development.


  • DESIGNED CAR - Inductive Car is designed to follow a route/line that’s drawn using a black normal pen. Regardless of where the car is placed, it’ll start running in circles when turned on.
  • GIFT FOR BOYS & GIRLS - Best gifts for pre-school learning kids and children. They will be amazed by the way the tank can able to follow the black lines without tracks and will surely have fun.
  • FANTASTIC TRUCK - This car is so magical that it can drive along the black line drawn by the pen. It follows instantly through the light sensor to distinguish the black lines drawn on white paper by you. So joyful.
  • MOTIVATION AND FANCY - Kids draw any black lines as the track using their own imagination. They will both have fun also improve creativity and imagination while playing with the toys.
  • PROMOTES MULTIPLE SKILL DEVELOPMENT - Our car toys for babies and toddlers help to develop multiple skills, including sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and, communication.


  • Use an ordinary dark colored crayon or marker to draw a line on a white piece of paper.
  •  Install batteries correctly into car. Turn on switch on the button of the car.
  • Place car on top of the drawn line.
  • The car will run on the line automatically.


  • An optical sensor can automatically run following the line drawn.
  • They will improve creativity and imagination while enjoying the fun by playing the toys.
  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS, Electronic Components
  • Size: 4*7*8cm(Approx.)


  • Make sure the lines are visible enough or else the tank will go around in circles. line: not less than 4 mm, no overflow 10 mm, no acute-angled line.
  • Make sure batteries are installed correctly, otherwise the car will reverse or will not move.
  • If you place the Inductive car somewhere else it would run in circles until it finds the line.