Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner
Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner
Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner
Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner
Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner
Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner
Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner

Chillax 2™ - Best Portable Air Conditioner

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Finally, a way to stay cool without running up your utility bill. Let's beat the heat this summer and enjoy cool, clean breeze air, anywhere!

On hot days, you would do anything to stay cool. But if you turn on the fan, you get hot air. If you use your air conditioner, you can surely expect a bigger utility bill.

So don't let the heat ruin your summertime! Try this mini air cooler! It will be the best investment you've made this summer and the best gift for your children, friend, or parent. You can use it at home, kitchen, office, school, even the great outdoors!

The Personal Air Cooler turns hot air into cool air, more efficient than a fan, and way cheaper than your air conditioner. It is the perfect answer to your cooling needs!

It will cool you down when you sit in front of it, without having to waste money cooling down the entire house. Even better, it is small, compact, and portable. This means it doesn't take up room like a typical fan or portable air conditioner. It can cool the hot air around you in seconds and create your personal cool and comfortable atmosphere.

Simply fill with water, plug it into any standard wall or a USB power bank, and enjoy it!


  • Instant & Efficient Cooling: Hydro-chill technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air-cooling filter & turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly. A tank of 300ml water can continuously spray cooling mist for 4-5 hours.
  • Multi-functional: Cools, humidifies, and cleans dust particles from the air for healthier breathing. You don't need more to have several devices like air conditioners and humidifiers.
  • Portable & Widely Applicable: It's so portable that you can use it at home, kitchen, office, outdoors, or anywhere you like.
  • 3 Level of Wind Speeds: It allows you to select the perfect wind power as you wish to enjoy yourself at leisure.
  • Low Energy Consumption: It is a Freon-free air conditioner that could operate at low energy consumption, so you don't need to worry about your electricity bill.
  • Quiet: The lightweight & whisper-quiet fan plus soothing night light make it perfect to use overnight for a comfortable sleep.
  • 2 Power Supply Methods: You can use the USB port of mobile devices such as laptops/power banks for power supply, or a charger to supply power through the wall outlet. (Only includes a USB cord, no included the charger).
  • Adjustable Vent: Adjust the airflow to the area you want!
  • Soothing LED Night Light: You can use it as a night light.


  • Fill up the water tank with water.
  • Plugin a USB power supply.
  • Press the Power button.
  • Enjoy.

Q1: Will it work outside with no electricity?
A1: Yes, It could be operated by a power bank. You need to take a power bank with you. Also please note that it needs at least 5V 2A to operate the third level wind.

Q2: Does it still blow cool air if no water or ice is in it and does it has to be cold water?
A2: It could work as a fan when there is no water in it. If you want to get colder and wet wind, it is better to add some pure water into the tank, you could also add some little ice pieces.

Q3: Will it work in a tent if I was camping and had electricity available?
A3: Yes, you just need a power bank, a 20000 mAh portable bank could operate the cooler for 4-5 hours.

Q4: Is it quiet when running?
A4: Yes, it is quiet.

Q5: Does it have an auto-shutoff on a low water level?
A5: Nope. When there is not water, this cooler will still work as a fan. And when you add water into the tank, it will work as both fan and humidifier. If you add some ice water, it will provide you cooler air.

Q6: Can it be charged?
A6: No, this product needs 5v 2A electric power. It does not include a battery.

Q7: How many units do I need?
A7: It depends on your family size. It's recommended to purchase 1 unit for each person in the family.


  • Weight: 1.2lb/550g
  • Size (W x H x L): 6.5 x 6 x 5.6 inches/166 x 152 x 142cm
  • Power (W): 2W
  • Voltage (V): 5V
  • EER: 3.4
  • Circulating Air (m3/h): 620
  • Refrigerating Capacity (W): 2300W
  • Heat Production (W): 2750W
  • Indoor Machine Noise: <23dB


  • 1 x Mini Air Cooler
  • 1 x USB Cable